Djuba, Macintosh and The Naked Body

 Serguei Letov Performance with

  • Andrei Suchilin and Alexandr Pillaev (music, Power Macintosh computers, electric guitars, keyboards, vocoders)
  • Anna Zapolskaia (body-art)
  • Naked models

    The first performance of The Djuba, 2 Macintoshes and The Naked Body took place at Moscow Internet-cafe Screen 27 of December 1997 and was shown directly  in  RealVideo (now obe can find it in RealVideo Archives). Later performance was shown in Moscow Night clubs "Kak by" ('Az if'), "Metelitsa", Central House of Composer, Moscow House of Composer (Alternativa Festival).


    The action starts with electronic music, video, slide projections. Since 5-7 minutes Serguei Letov in Marocco white suite 'djuba' appears on stage. 10 minutes later naked dancers and body-painted dancers appears.

    Author Commetary:

    Djuba - is a suite, MAKINTOSH - in Russian usage  means suite also, what can a female answer to these male things and inventions? - Only Naked Body!

    One could see the performance in Internet (excerpts)  in RealVideo. All the information one can get at 095/3491920 - ask Kupidon or Natasha Komarova (Internet-cafe SCREEN, e-mail).


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