Alexander SCHWARZ

SCHWARZ Alexander Lvovitch was born 19th February 1945 in Moscow.

EDUCATION: Moscow Art Academic Studio (Institute of Higher Education), 1964 - 69, specialized in Fine Arts, Painting, Costume and Theatre Design, got M.A. in 1969. His art was greatly influenced by abstractionism, collage, pop-art, ready-made, icon- painting. His knowledge of Theater Design and costume helps him a great deal in his work with materials and different structures and objects he uses in his pictures. His experience of work with icons and knowledge of ancient Russian art is reflected in his pictures and the perspective he uses reminds of old Russian traditions. His favorite themes are: still-life and musical instruments; landscapes and cityscapes, often touching upon the problems of environmental protection, the relation of human beings and nature, portraits and models (women).

MEMBERSHIPS OF ASSOCIATIONS: Since 1972 member of the Moscow Committee of Graphic Artists Union, member of the Exhibition Committee of the Union (Malaya Gruzinskaya Str. 28, Moscow). Since 1990 member of the International Federation of Artists (UNESCO) (Malaya Gruzinskaya Str. 28, Moscow), member of the Exhibition Committee of IFA (UNESCO) in Moscow to date.

PUBLICATIONS: Illustrated books: "Farewell My Beloved" by Manuel Cofino Lopes, Moscow 1973,"White Stone" by Ales Osipenko, Moscow 1974, "Foal with a Bell" by Lev Yakimenko, Moscow 1975, "Evil Hour" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Moscow 1975.

CREATIVE WORKS: Created more than 200 oil paintings, 1000 drawings, participant of numerous exhibitions in Moscow and abroad. His works can be seen in private collections and Galleries in Russia, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, France, Ireland, Japan, the USA. Alexander Schwarz has reproductions of his pictures in the catalogues of the exhibitions in which he participated. Articles on his creative activities and ideas were published in newspapers in Russia and abroad. His biography is published in "Who's Who" Spring edition 1992 and the Men of Achievement 1993. Being a member of the Exhibition Committee IFA UNESCO in Moscow he has a broad variety of contacts with the men of Arts: artists, sculptors, designers, musicians.

HOBBIES: Being the son of a composer his greatest hobby is Music; he plays different musical instruments, composing music and verse, collecting records, CDs. He is fond of reading and travelling.