Art-group "The Blinds". Russia, Moscow.
Staff: Anna Kouznetsowa, Alexander Margorin.
Activities: action; performance; video-art; enviroment; contemporal dance.
Aesthetics: Conservative Avantguard, New Paganism, Synthesis of Archaics and Technology.

Participation in Festivals:
1993 - " Arrieres Jardin's d'isi et La" - international project, Strassbourg, France.
1998 - "Festival of the Performance". St.Petersbourg. Russia.
1999 - "New Dance Workshop for East European Countries". Odessa, Ukrain.
1999 - "Festival of the Improvisational Arts". Odessa, Ukrain.
2000 - "Evolution-2000". Festival of the Contemporal Dance. Tallinn, Estonia.
2000 - "Time, Space, Movement". Festival of the Performance. Paide, Estonia.
2001 - "Skif-5". Festival of the Contemporal Art in the name of Sergei Kourjohin, St.
2002 - "Festival of the Performance". St.Petersbourg. Russia.
2002 - "The Melioration" open-air festival. Moscow suburbs, the rest house of "Klyasma reservoir".

Participation in Exhibitions and Gallery Projects:
1996 - "Citizens". Exhibition in common with Svetlana Ljuzina. "Re-Art" Gallery, Moscow.
1997 - "Jahuss!!!" Collective exhibition at Graphic's Union Gallery, Moscow.
2000 - "Tibet-2000". Collective exhibition at Culture Foundation Gallery, Moscow.
2001 - "Point to East. The Way to Himalayas". The project by "Cinema" Gallery at the hall of "The Minor Manege", Moscow.
2001 - "Dialogues". International exhibition. The Central Gallery "Manege", St. Petersbourg.
2002 - "Melioration". An Open-air Festival of Art. Moscow area, the entertainment-center "Klyazma".
2003 - "Dialogues" . International exibition. The Central Gallery "Manege", St. Petersbourg.
2004 - The Projekt of "Fight between Good and Evil (Beaver and Goat)". A final exibition and performance, "Sam Brook Gallery", Moscow.

Since 1999 "The Blinds" collaborate with Vasilyi Lifanov, journalist, writer and scenarist. Several texts by him were published at magazines: "Ptuch", "Brain", the literary almanac "The Insect ".

Participation in Common Projects:
1995 - "Karachoon". In common with German Vinogradov. At the small stage of "Mayakovskyi" Theatre, Moscow.
1996 - "The Changes of Ego". In common with Victor Loukin. At Eugenyi Lindin's Studio and at "The Third Way" Club, Moscow.
1997 - "Tenderness of snake". In common with Boris Markovnikov. At the Studio of B. Markovnikov.
1998 - "That Damned Road". In common with Boris Markovnikov. At the Studio of B. Markovnikov.
"Sister". In common with Natalja Smoljanskaya. 1998 - "Phoenix" Gallery, Moscow;
--- 1999 - Cultural Centre "Dom", Moscow;
--- 2002 - "Sam Brook Gallery", Moscow.
1999 - "Phurba, pierceing Ignorance and Desire". In common with S. Ponomaryov , on the territory of "The Factory of Art", Moscow.
2001 - Participation in the "first-of-May" street happening, had been organized by the " One's People-2000" union. A performance, staging of the mass choreographic compositions.
2002 - "A Cross-road". In common with Natalja Smolyanskaya at "Sam Brook Gallery", Moscow.

Video Projects :
1997 - "16 minutes of Pure Time". VHS, 16 minutes.

Publications: "Tatjanin Den", a magazine;
"Latin Quarter", a newspaper;
"Zavtra", a newspaper.

Since 2004, the group have collaborated with the "One's People -2000" union and Peter Mamonoff in the framework of theatrical project of "The Mice, Kay-boy and Snow Queen". The Premiere - on March, 8, 2004 at "Stanislavsky" Theatre.

Show, Performance, Actions :

Guard of a Cedar Wood - 1995, Moscow, "Mayakovsky" Theatre;
Meeting with Poushkin- 1995, Moscow, at the "Kotelnicheskaya" bank of Moscow-river.
Red Dress - 1995, Moscow, "Socium" Gallery ( the premiere );
--- 1996-2000 - the demonstrations in the galleries and at the festivals;
Polyseason- 1995, Moscow, the bank of Yauza river;
Awakening of a Red Bear at Lenin's Mountains - 1996, Moscow, Vorobjovy Gory;
Red Sphere - 1997-2003. Had been demonstrated in the galleries and at the festivals;
Photoroboroten - 1997-2000. Had been demonstrated in the galleries and at the festivals;
Androgyne - premiere in 1998. Have been demonstrated in the galleries and at the festivals;
Meeting with Poushkin - 2, 1999, Moscow, Neskouchnyi Sad ( part 1);
the internet-club "Screen" (part 2 ).
Tibet - 2001, Moscow, Minor Manege; The Cultural Center of "Vladimir Vysotskyi ".
Fighting of Good and Evil ( Beaver and Goat) - 2001-2004. By the participation of
N. Rezhissyorskaya ( Animation ) and Ch. Merk (Music, Video). The demonstrations in galleries and at the festivals.
Kindersurprize - 2002, An Open-air Festival of "art-Klyazma".